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About R.J.

R.J. Purcell is the rare metaphysics author who has both a deep metaphysics background and world-class business experience—and most importantly—verifiable large-scale manifestations.

R. J. began studying metaphysics at just eighteen and credits metaphysics with frequently tipping the scales in his favor. Raised by a single mother who frequently had  difficulty managing the family finances, R.J. quit school in grade eight. While some predicted R.J.'s future would be limited, his metaphysics study quickly led to personal experiences of paranormal powers.

In his late teens, R.J. became a top backgammon player known for his ability to roll dice in the exact combinations needed at critical times, a phenomena that caused many to refer to him as the luckiest player they had ever seen.


Seeking to better understand this phenomena, R.J. began a life-long study of metaphysics, eventually testing most of its classic prescriptions in demanding real-world situations.

Determined to avoid the financial uncertainty he experienced in his youth and anxious to test the metaphysical techniques he was being taught, R.J. entered the real estate brokerage business at twenty—and bought his first house a year later. Working for Canada’s largest real estate firm and carefully following the advice of one of the top agents in America, R.J. earned membership in the company's Top Ten Club at just twenty-three.

While unusually successful for his age, R.J. sensed something other than selling real estate was calling him—and began earnestly seeking his mission. Two years later he founded Top Producer Systems, a real estate software company, which quickly became the world’s #1 selling real estate agent software.

Top Producer quickly grew from what R.J. calls, “a divinely inspired idea,” to over 400 employees, at which point he sold the company for $40.2 million USD to NASDAQ publicly traded Move.com, which was later bought by Rupert Murdock’s NEWS Corporation. 

Along the way, R.J. was named to Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40 list and received awards from The B.C. Technology Industry Association and KPMG.

In the years that followed, R.J. continued intense metaphysical research and practice, and successfully completed movie production and distribution deals with SONY Pictures and The Lifetime Network, as well as funding and advising a number of technology startups.


In 2011, R.J. was elected President of the Board of Directors of Unity Centre for Awakening—Canada’s largest metaphysical spiritual community—a role in which he served for over 10 years. During this time R.J. gave numerous presentations on the practical use of metaphysics in daily life, and taught meditation classes which were among Unity Centre’s best attended events. In the process, R.J. recognized the need for greater simplicity in metaphysics instruction and wrote Metaphysical Millionaires to demystify the foundational principles essential to integrating spirituality, career and successful metaphysical practice.

R.J. is an engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge  which he freely shares in the service of awakening people to their own unlimited potential.

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