The best book ever written on manifestation and business.

"The guide often feels like a backstage pass to the routines of great minds, where creativity and inspiration abounds."

—KIRKUS Reviews

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Overflowing with powerful insights for entrepreneurs or anyone aspiring towards significant goals. Metaphysical Millionaires shows you how to scientifically increase your ability manifest.

Hi. I’m R.J.

I'm the author of Metaphysical Millionaires, a Guide to Enlightened Manifestation, in which I have combined metaphysics, quantum physics and four decades of studying metaphysics and wealth creation into a system that radically increases the probability of making your visions reality. 

  • In granular detail Metaphysical Millionaires breaks down the actual thought processes used by Steve Jobs, Oprah, the Founders of AirBnB, and many other well-known entrepreneurs, revealing the most powerful ways to think as you forge your future.
  • You'll learn the steadily accumulating science that supports modern metaphysics, and through detailed case-studies, you'll see exactly how metaphysics has been harnessed by well-known cultural icons to manifest their large-scale visions.
  • For the first time ever, Metaphysical Millionaires makes clear the most essential principles governing the manifestation process, and explains why so many people fail to achieve their metaphysical potential.
  • Once understood and observed, these principles automatically start manifesting opportunities tailor-made for the fulfillment of your visions. 

I have used these principles myself for decades and experienced miraculous manifestations over and over, so I know from direct experience these principles work.  This said, Metaphysical Millionaires is not a get-rich-quick system, though it will help you get rich quicker if that is what you want. These principles require work and personal growth, but the rewards are most definitely worth it.

In short, Metaphysical Millionaires is a no-nonsense, science based, 273 page metaphysical treasure chest that will help you become a more creative force in all areas of your life.

Wishing you success in all you endeavors,


Download the first chapter of Metaphysical Millionaires free. If what you read resonates, buy the book on Amazon or the audiobook on Audible—August 15 release—and begin your adventure.—R.J.

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