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R.J. Purcellmystic entrepreneur, author and metaphysical millionaire

Take this course and you'll be personally taught by R.J. Purcell, the author of Metaphysical Millionaires. This powerful online course is a consciousness raising, transformative experience that will help you overcome the beliefs and unconscious thought patterns standing in the way of manifesting the life you deserve. You’ll learn to work in harmony with higher laws and how to begin consciously using your personal metaphysical power.

Unlike most other "manifestation" classes, Metaphysical Millionaires is based on over 40 years of in-the-field research and testing in the disciplines of neuroscience and quantum physics—and integrated with timeless metaphysical practices, resulting in the most advanced yet practical manifestation teachings in the world today.
R.J. will bring the key principles of enlightened manifestation to life through expert metaphysical analysis of the actual intentions, actions and thought processes of many of the world’s best-known co-creators—ranging from Steve Jobs to Sara Blakely to Oprah Winfrey. 

Imagine for a moment what it will be like to move forward with the increased confidence, clarity and wisdom you need to make the absolute most of your life. Mastery of the Metaphysical Millionaires principles makes whatever you’d like to be, have, or do, easier and far less stressful to attain.

Don’t settle for less life than you are capable of living.

Commit to taking this course, begin the practices and prepare for a thrilling ride. You really can be, have or do anything your heart truly desires.

Learn from real-life case studies

If you want to be a world-class manifester you have to think like one. This is a step that cannot be skipped, and yet it is almost impossible to learn how to do this in a vacuum. During the course you’ll learn many life-changing lessons from case studies of now famous people—who started from scratch—just like you.

To succeed it helps to leverage the wisdom of others. You simply do not have time to learn everything from painful experience. The Metaphysical Millionaires’ online course contains a treasure trove of valuable metaphysical lessons. And Randy will bring them to life for you with insightful commentary, as well as sharing the metaphysical laws being leveraged in each case.

In this amazing course you will:

  • Discover exactly what modern metaphysics can actually deliver—and how to most effectively use metaphysics to get genuine results in your life
  • Learn how most highly successful people are already using higher laws, whether they know it or not
  • Be exposed to the top-tier science that verifies the incredible power of both your mind and your heart
  • Understand the quantum physics underlying your vibration and how to manage it
  • Learn out how to embody the key principles needed for large scale and personally significant manifestations
  • Learn exactly how non-attachment unleashes incomprehensible metaphysical power
  • Learn why mastering and elevating your consciousness is the single most important thing you can do to manifest happiness, wealth and freedom simultaneously. More importantly, you'll engage in specific practices—that once learned—dramatically simplify the process.

Take advantage of the latest techniques in in neuroscience to install the exact metaphysical thought processes used by many of the world’s top co-creators, including:

  • Steve Jobs—Apple Computer
  • Richard Branson—Virgin
  • Larry Page—Google
  • Oprah Winfrey—OWN Network
  • Garry Keller—Keller Williams
  • Ray Dalio—Bridgewater Associates
  • John Mackey—Whole Foods
  • Sheryl Sandberg—Facebook
  • Joe Gebbia—Airbnb
  • Brian Chesky—Airbnb
  • Jan Koum—WhatsApp
  • Sir John A. Templeton—Templeton Funds
  • Linda Alvarado—Alvarado Construction
  • Kevin Plank—Under Armour
  • Phil Jackson—#1 NBA Coach
  •  Sara Blakely—Spanx

And that's just the beginning, you'll also learn how to:

Discover your purpose and manifest your mission

True fulfilment and satisfaction start with knowing exactly what you want in life. During this course you’ll undergo a powerful exploratory process that will uncover your deepest needs and then map out the shortest path to the realization of your inner purpose. Next you’ll learn the exact processes by which metaphysics can be used to manifest your mission faster and easier

Develop your intuition

  • Learn how master manifesters regularly access money-making ideas—from the future
  • Learn how science shows beyond a shadow of doubt that you already possess intuitive powers
  • Engage in exercises that will fully engage your intuitive faculties and help you take them to new levels of usability

See and take action from a metaphysical perspective

Designed to ensure real results in your life, Metaphysical Millionaires Online shows you:

  • The difference between required action and inspired action
  • How to plan metaphysically and choose the inspired actions that speed the crystallization of your intentions into manifestation
  • You’ll learn exactly why action is so critical to even the most metaphysical manifestations

Learn how to recognize and avoid the pitfalls on the path

One of the benefits of studying with highly-accomplished metaphysicians is that you will gain the distilled wisdom of over 40 years of metaphysical practice in just 12 weeks. You’ll learn what to expect starting out, and what works and what doesn’t—so your efforts are more regularly rewarded. The practices you learn in this course can and will serve you for the rest of your life.

R.J. Purcell

Having spent four decades successfully using metaphysics to assist the manifestation of everything from leading products to high-tech acquisitions to movie deals—R.J. now gives you the essential principles to fully activate your personal co-creative power.

R.J. is the founder of Top Producer Systems, a tech company which he built from zero to the world’s #1 real estate app provider with over 4oo employees. R.J. raised himself from humble beginnings to multi-millionaire using metaphysical principles every step of the way. Since selling Top Producer for $40 million—the company is now owned by Rupert Murdoch’s FOX Corporation—R.J. has dedicated himself to consciousness research, teaching practical metaphysics and meditation, leading the Board of Canada's largest Metaphysical Spiritual Center and advising startup entrepreneurs.

About the Metaphysical Millionaires Virtual Course methodology

Deep learning through exercises & breakout sessions

Designed to provide you with even more integration than our live workshops, each week you will learn and discuss key metaphysical principles with R.J. LIVE. You will then engage in consciousness raising exercises designed to rapidly integrate power inducing principles into your neural circuitry. The resulting deep-neural registration of these universal principles makes embodiment of higher consciousness easier and enables the confidence and will to step more fully into your true identity—an awakened and conscious co-creator. Most classes feature small group breakout sessions that powerfully call forth your latent mastery, accelerating your progress on the path to true happiness and metaphysical mastery.


Your success is of ultimate importance to us. All questions during the course will be answered, either during the Q&A periods or by email.

Awaken to your full potential

You cannot take this class without being significantly changed. As you may have noticed, success at any discipline takes commitment and a willingness to do the work. Metaphysics is no different. But if you are ready, taking this course will be a defining moment in your life, helping you to manifest your intentions faster, easier and more magically—and the raising of consciousness you will experience will ensure you are happier and more joyously fulfilled every step of the way.
We look forward to meeting you.

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